About Us

Disconnect to Reconnect

We came to the realization that people are getting tired of so much screen-based entertainment. When you’re sitting playing games in front of the TV or on your iPad it can be quite a solitary experience, and that’s why we figure bringing people together to play board games and other social games would be a welcome and amazing experience for everyone. So don’t be shy, join us!

Amazing People
Meet amazing like minded people who want to bring gaming back to the social event that it should be.
Serene locations
We hold the event at three different locations. The Achemist, The Tav Irish Pub and Ridgeways Inn The Yard.
We hold chess and darts tournaments and the winners get prizes!

Meet the mastermind

Penny Nyambura

Penny is a lover of life, a traveller and adventurer. She enjoys spending time with not just family, but also friends, fans and peers.

She is outdoorsy, curious and eats life with a big spoon; always looking for the next opportunity to soak up the best the world has to offer.

Penny is an experienced, pro, House Music Dj –

She doesn’t just play music, she brings people together.


“live your best life”